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Mr Glenn R Thompson knew There was clearly a coverup of this sexual violence against children in the 1970s

  Mr Brewer made a complaint  in 1974 about the sadistic goings on to the boys at Cobourg  ......
Mr William Brewer put his name and his Job on the line in August 1974,to speak out against sexual abuse in Ontario Training Schools and Mr G.R Thompson instead of investigation, he decided to  ignored it and fired Mr Brewer in 1975 "Shame on you" G.R Thompson you are a disgrace to your profession.
There was clearly a coverup of this sexual violence against children in the 1960s. In view of what we know now, the reports back in the mid-1970s to who is now the Deputy Premier, the existence of this misconduct in public, provincially run training schools like the one at Beattie House at Cobourg, what is being covered up by the Liberals now in 1990?Mr Glenn Thompson, who was informed in 1975, about the abuse at Brookside Training School at Cobourg ,Ontario.
But he chose not to take action.


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Brookside Training School Cobourg Ontario

 This  Blog as been created to expose the  sadistic abuse of Ontario's Canadian Children, no matter what ethnic background .From is 60s, 70s,80s till this day. In residential schools, training schools, reform school. Sooner or later you're going to realize, just as I did, that there's a difference between knowing the path, and walking the pathAbuse is Abuse no matter your background, they all have  one thing in common they experiences  the same pain .Abuse knows no  Ethnic boundaries. I will created a list of people who I have contacted to help expose these shameful acts and let us down.

Action  speak louder than words ,I say to you.

There is no such thing as wisdom without compassion. People with cold hearts posing as wise men are the true false profits of our age. Often their "wisdom" is utilized to enrich themselves materially, or to gain power and fame."Wisdom" isolated from compassion is a treacherous form of ignorance. It is destructive. It gives false hope only to betray in essence.Wisdom can never be in service of greed. It cannot serve power. It does not exist in the company of the callously affluent.


Brookside  Training School
You have heard the expression if walls could talk?

The walls of Brookside  Training School of Cobourg ,Ontario would be screaming  out in terror......
You will hear a story of one man still standing. He hopes that many more will come forward,
To make they voices heard."The Day has come to say; Enough is Enough" We will not stay silent any longer.

The  aim is to connect the dots , to show total neglect by the Ontario Government to ignore complains made by members of staff  Of the  abuse of many boys which could have been prevented .But  the Government did not take  notice, and brushed   this dirt and filth underneath the carpet .Most of us   know you only can hide stinky things  for so-long ,till the real stench  becomes so overwhelming even Febreze can't Eliminate  these Odors.
If you research either Brookside, Pine Ridge , or Hagersville, on the computer you can't find a lot of information about these school. Could it be because they were Government run.?? I found a lot of article about the Catholic abuse, and how the Native people were abused, Ontario training school abuse has hardly been highlighted or reported  . "Convenient"

This story  about Wayne Ackerman, who was brutalized,  raped ,tortured,  mentally  and emotionally victimized  as a boy of 13................... By filthy individuals employed  by the Ontario Government.
Sexual Abuse Victim,Wayne Ackerman  calls out his  Canadian Government, about the sadistic abuse he suffered and thousands of other boys like him from 1970s., in Brookside Training School , Pine Ridge ,Hagasville in Ontario Canada

Wayne's Story 

Wayne entered the system of Brookside  Training School on  February 1st 1971 at the age of just turned 13 . By Judge  V.L Stewart 
This day, Wayne's  life changed for ever. From a 13 year old young boy, his next  3 years, will be filled with Sadistic abuse, Physical abuse, sexual abuse , and torture.By the hands of Staff employed by the Ontario Government, His story has to be told, for other people to come forward, so finally the Federal Government of Canada can be held responsible  for these crimes.

Boy's were forced to masturbate each-other at Brookside , while a( Staff Member by the name of Peterson ) photographed the children performing sexual acts ;If they refused they were beaten or forced to masturbate staff Members at Brookside. 

Peterson and other Staff Members forced the children to perform oral sex on each-other .Children often refused, and reseived  beating's by the Peterson and other staff Members who were involved.

The Children including Wayne, were regularly instructed to clean the basement  of the school,.On many occasions, staff members would follow them and forced those children, including Wayne ,  to perform and take part with sexual acts on staff Members .Staff Members names were, Peterson, Smitty, Thomas , Wilson, Jones, participated in this horrendous acts...Imagine  if that would have been you  at age 13,

This children(Boys) were frequently and relentlessly, Physically assaulted and battered and psychologically abused, .
Wayne and the other children(Boy's) were violently stricken all over their bodies, sometimes with the use of various objects
Punched around the head, in the body and in the private parts.

On a few occasion, Wayne attempted to defend himself against the  abuse by staff members , but it did not last long because the staff members , became more vicious in their abuse.

I will apologize for not writing most of the acts which were preformed on the Boys and Wayne , since it would bring perverts to this site  too get their kicks ....I am trying to write this as tasteful as I can, but these attacks were vile ,gruesome, beyond  what you can imagine  .

The staff members at Brookside specially the ones already named were the ringleaders would various and demeaning punishment in their efforts to control the children (Boy's) at Brookside  .Children (boy's) inculding Wayne were placed in solitary confinement , In a room which was called the hole. without natural light or artificial light.Prior of begin placed in this room , staff members would remove all they clothing and the boys would remain nude for the duration of time.

At one time  Wayne remembers sharing  the solitary confinement  with 2 other boy's of 12 to 14 years old.
One boy was so afraid of the dark, Wayne believes he died of a heart attack. Wayne and the other boy had to share the room with a dead boys body for about 5 days,because it was so hot in the room,the boy's dead body started to swell up, and both Wayne and the other boy were afraid it would explode.
5 day's sitting  naked in a dark room,
Without any staff member ever coming tocheck on the condition Of  the boy's and without food or water.

Boys including Wayne were always threatened  by members of Brookside  Staff  and would be frequently reminded of the fate of some other boys who did not comply with the demands..

WARNING >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ABOUT THE  NEXT Paragraph...

During the period of  mid 1971 to January 11/73 while Wayne was at Brookside  Training School , he and around 30 other boy's were forced to Dismemberment 7 boys  bodies, who died  at  the hands  of the violent acts which were preformed by the staff at Brookside  Training School .

The Boys were forced out of their beds in the middle of the night, carry the dead bodies behind  the school at the river stream and expose of them.
Since the boys who were at Brookside were already classed by the Courts  and Society as Juvenile Delinquent, the dead boy's were classed as runaways , and no one cared about them.

The boys who were forced to dismember the bodies , were threaten by the Staff  to keep their mouth shut, and if ever one word would be  De vouched, they either meet the same fate as the dead boy's or members of they family would be killed.

So can you imagine,what kind of burden these boy's had to carry?
Wayne finally after been transferred   to Pine Ridge in November 1973  which has his own history of  violence , finally went back to his parents house in October 23, 1975.

Wayne confided in his mother in 1976 what actually took place in these School's , His mother begged Wayne to secrecy  not to tell his father. Wayne's Mother was worried what her husband would do if he would find out. In her own words she said; If your Dad would find out, he would go with a gun and kill each one of the BITCHES AT  BROOKSIDE ...and she could not let him spend the rest of his life in Prison, since he was the provider for the household . So Wayne kept quite......and his Dad never knew and found out.

Wayne till today suffers from the memories, of his time in Brookside,..... the torment he was put through, will never leave him till he dies. I as his wife has pushed Wayne to tell me the whole story, it has taken him 7 years to finally open up and tell all.......... In 2004 my husband won a Judgment against the Ontario Government, he received as much as a 2010 BMW 5 Series528i xDrive Sedan  priced  now in Canada.
Wayne  did not want to take the money, and wanted it to become public knowledge the suffering which he and many , many other boy's endured . Also he did not want the dead boys be forgotten. But he was pressured to take the judgment under duress, But would like to take the Federal Government to court ,for failing to protect him from the Ontario Government and failing to act , when knowledge of this  acts were made known to the Government in the 60s and 70s  like my research uncovered.

My husband has been fighting , for my boys immigration and mine since 2006 , every which way I have been denied to become a resident, due to the fact we believe now, my husband again has been victimized and abused all over again, not to allowed too have a family.
The Canadian Government is out to  destroy my husband, In  hope probably so he takes his own life.
Since many other boys who went through the Ontario Training School system , either became drug addicts , alcoholics  and died, or committed  suicide.

I have tried to get the story told by the Toronto Star, Toronto Sun Newspaper, National  Post,  Globe& Mail  City TV, CBC , (Mayor ROB FORD  MR Oxy king )one day the truth will come out who you are, I am waiting for that day...
Theo Fleury  who was  disappointing ,he had no time for these abused Kids from the past..Makes me wonder..also  Public figures who sit in Government of Canada , from the top down, everyone is closing they eyes and ears and walk away....These Children who were abused were human, Canadian Children, where is your compassion.???????
Some people probably think, so what, he is a grown man now, But let me remind you he was a child, when these acts were taken place, I wonder how we would feel if this happened to us.

just to show people Wayne was at Brookside  underneath is the form and  underneath is the famous Superintendent  G.W Pollard
who knew about the abuse, and took  part in the cover-up of the Boy's been abused

Video with Wayne's court documents  ,

Ontario reform school alumni allege sex abuse


18:31 Apr 13 2003 Cobourg, Ontario




Canadian Press

Date: Sunday Apr. 13, 2003 11:57 PM ET

TORONTO — A group of reform-school alumni is emerging from a dark corner of Canadian history with chilling tales of sexual abuse, physical brutality and emotional torment they allegedly suffered as boys inside institutions once operated by the Ontario government.

Dozens of veterans of Ontario's training school program -- a long-defunct, 60-year project to house and rehabilitate "unmanageable'' and "incorrigible" children -- are suing the province over a litany of alleged abuses spanning three decades, The Canadian Press has learned.

Police have so far interviewed more than 3,000 former training school residents and employees living across Canada as part of several ongoing criminal probes that began in 1997 and remain far from over.
The allegations, contained in numerous statements of claim filed over the course of the last two years with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, run the gamut: sexual assaults, beatings and an endless array of emotional and psychological cruelty.

Much of the abuse was allegedly committed by school staff and supervisors, as well as employees at a handful of privately operated foster homes, over a period stretching from the early 1960s to as recently as 1986.
John Prokipczuk, 50, alleges he was beaten regularly and sexually abused dozens of times while attending two different Ontario institutions between 1966 and 1969.

Prokipczuk, who lives in Penticton, B.C., blames the abuse for his chronic depression, sleepless nights and a life that has been filled with illegal drugs and time in jail.
"It's kinda like, if they could've killed you and got away with it, they would've done it," said Prokipczuk, whose chronic truancy landed him in training school at the age of 13.

"Certain things were isolated, like the sexual part of it. It wasn't done in front of other people. But you knew what was going on. The mental, spiritual, emotional, physical abuse -- that part was done out front."
Many of the victims are identified in the statements of claim only by their initials, but Prokipczuk is among those who specifically requested that his real name be used.

"If they're still alive, I want them to fear," he said of his alleged attackers. "I want other people who know, I want them to see my name. Because I'm not afraid of them. I've got nothing to lose."
Allegations in a statement of claim are accusations only and must be proven in court. The province of Ontario has indicated it intends to defend itself against the lawsuits.

A spokesman for the attorney general did not return calls.
Most of the alleged abuse involves two schools Prokipczuk attended: Brookside Training School in Cobourg, Ont., an hour's drive east of Toronto, and Sprucedale Training School in Hagersville, Ont., about 50 kilometres south of Hamilton.

Among the other institutions and facilities identified in the suits:White Oaks Village, originally a facility for boys aged eight to 12 that was located adjacent to Sprucedale and operated as an open-custody juvenile facility;

Pine Ridge Training School in Bowmanville, Ont., formerly known as the Ontario Training School for Boys, Bowmanville;
Kawartha Lakes School in Lindsay, Ont., formerly the Ontario Training School for Girls, Lindsay;
Circle 'R' Boys Ranch in Cookstown, Ont., a foster home now known as the Robert Thompson Youth and Family Centre;
A variety of Ontario foster homes, most of which are no longer in operation.

Sprucedale was moved to Simcoe, Ont., in 1978 and now operates as a young offender facility. The Brookside Youth Centre has also housed young offenders since 1984.
Beginning in 1925, training schools operated in various forms across Ontario as reformatories for wayward children, often as young as eight and often for "crimes'' as minor as truancy and obscene phone calls.

Section 8 of the 1965 Training Schools Act, which gave the province the power to seize custody of any "unmanageable" child regardless of the wishes of his or her parents, was repealed in 1977.
Many schools continued to house children aged 12 to 18 until the mid-1980s, when passage of the federal Young Offenders Act formally signalled the end of the training-school era in Canada.
Like Prokipczuk, many of the students who attended those institutions in the 1960s and 1970s have suffered lifelong emotional scars. Many battle drug and alcohol addictions and struggle to stay out of jail.
"They're angry and bitter," said defence lawyer Loretta Merritt, a specialist in institutional abuse cases who's spearheading the legal offensive.
Since taking on her first training school client in 1999, Merritt has filed suits for 31 former residents of Ontario's secular training schools, with plans in place to file on behalf of another six.
She's in discussions with four other potential clients and said she hears from new ones on a regular basis.
"It's amazing how broad the implications of this (abuse) are," said Merritt, who also represents victims from St. John's Training School in Uxbridge, Ont., a Catholic facility at the centre of a similar scandal in the 1990s.

"It's really quite devastating. Quite devastating. It's the kind of thing that oftentimes, you don't ever get over it."
All told, more than 15,000 students were registered at secular training schools across Ontario between 1963 and 1979.
It's too early to speculate about the number of victims or when -- even if -- criminal charges will be laid, said provincial police Det.-Supt. Ross Bingley, director of the criminal investigations branch.
But there are at least eight officers working full time on Sprucedale alone, which was home to an estimated 2,200 students during the relevant 20-year time frame, he said.

"It's a huge endeavour," Bingley said. "You can appreciate the enormity of it, and these things we don't want to charge into in any way, shape or form; we're going to work as long as we have to to make it accurate.''<
A separate investigation into Brookside is also underway, and police are also investigating allegations of abuse emanating from Pine Ridge, Bingley said.

At least 20 criminal complaints about Pine Ridge were handed over to the OPP by Durham Regional police investigators in 2001; Bingley said all three will be more closely linked for a more co-ordinated effort.
The investigations are taking a long time, he acknowledged. But they represent a Herculean task: there's anywhere between 14,000 and 30,000 people across Canada police believe could be helpful to theinvestigation.

"Tracking down potential witnesses and/or victims is a huge task."
An array of staff members who worked at the schools during the relevant periods are also named in the civil suits as individual defendants. In many cases, their full names aren't even known.
In one statement of claim, the victim, now 37, alleges he was fondled and sexually assaulted in the shower by staff during a two-week stay at Pine Ridge in 1977.
After complaining to his parents, he was transferred to Kawartha Lakes, where he allegedly endured a variety of sexual assaults during a two-year span by staff members both male and female, including social workers, teachers, the school doctor and even the school hairdresser.

In 1979, when he was 14, the plaintiff ended up at Brookside, where he alleges he was subjected to more than 30 separate physical and sexual assaults at the hands of 11 different staff members.
"The conduct of the individual defendants was intentional, malicious and done with the knowledge that it would cause the plaintiff to suffer humiliation, indignity, sexual, physical, emotional and mental distress and injury," the statement of claim reads.

The abuse was allegedly committed "with the knowledge that the plaintiff's emotional and physical anguish would increase and was done with wanton, careless and willful disregard of the consequences to the plaintiff."
In many cases, plaintiffs were kept quiet with physical threats or promises of cigarettes, special privileges or early release, the statements say.

In those cases where the alleged abuse was reported, it didn't stop, and often became more severe.
In his statement of claim, Prokipczuk alleges he was sexually assaulted on more than 20 occasions by one Brookside staff member in particular, usually in an office or a change room.
Many of the statements describe insidious forms of systemic physical abuse, including one apparently common tactic that saw supervisors pitting the boys against one another.

At Brookside, one staff member was known for putting a boy in the centre of a room, then declaring that he had to leave the room "because he `heard the telephone ringing' in the office next door," one statement said.
"This sequence was a cue to `scramble' the targeted child by covering his head with a blanket and then brutally beating him."

If a child failed to eat all of his meal, "the Brookside staff would force the child to drink excessive amounts of water until the child finally vomited," the statement says.
In one case, plaintiffs from Brookside describe being made to stand naked, their hands extended behind their backs for hours at a time, leaning backwards against a wall on their thumbs until they collapsed.

They also allege being forced to hold chairs over their heads while their toes were "stamped on" by staff.
"Group punishment such as this was common at Brookside, and often resorted to when no child would take responsibility for conduct that had taken place," one statement says.

"Later, if the child who was responsible for the conduct was discovered, then that individual would be severely beaten by the staff members."
Many of the plaintiffs, veterans of the prison system, live in fear of again encountering their alleged attackers, some of whom continued to work as jail guards after the training schools closed.

"I had a client call me and was really upset because one of his (alleged) abusers was a guard at an institution, a regular jail," Merritt said.

"This does happen."
The statements all blame the abuse for a long list of psychological and behavioural side effects: depression, alcohol and drug abuse, lack of trust, and criminal, anti-social and suicidal behaviour.
Many victims blame their training school experiences for recurring nightmares, failed marriages, strained family relationships and an inability to hold down a steady job.

One plaintiff who alleged repeated sexual and physical abuses at Brookside between 1974 and 1976 "blames himself for the abuse," his statement of claim says.
"He continues to experience depression and repeatedly engages in self-mutilation with razor blades."
In Ontario, only two former staff members at secular training schools have ever been charged: Ray Elder, a former White Oaks supervisor, pleaded guilty three years ago to two of the 11 charges he faced and the other was acquitted.

The decision to abolish training schools in Ontario came after a sustained public and political outcry brought on by 19 children who died -- many of them violently -- in the space of two years after being released from provincial training schools.

Four of the deaths were suicides.
The deaths came amid mounting criticism that the program did little more than prepare children for an inevitable life of crime and warnings from insiders that staff members were condoning and encouraging "brutality of an organized nature.''

In 1975, those warnings prompted the Ontario government of former Conservative premier Bill Davis to launch a quiet investigation of the treatment of 1,320 children at the province's 12 training schools.
Over the next 10 years, schools were either closed or converted to detention centres for young offenders as defined by the Young Offenders Act, which came into effect in 1984.

I would like to add ; John Prokipczuk, 50, who spoke in this article , committed suicide in 2009 , his son also committed suicide  about 6 months later. The Canadian Government has to be held accountable for this.. Rest in Peace John Porkipczuk and son......You have not been forgotten......

<This is Shaun Mann , another victim  of abuse in Ontario , who is fighting for Justice .A former resident of London’s Child Parent Resource Institute (CPRI) is suing the facility for $3.25 million in damages on allegations of sexual assault, battery and assault. We reached out to Shaun, and spoke to him, and he was very glad he was not on his own,Since another survivor   Gary Wood supported him unfortunately  Gary Wood committed Suicide .(Rest  in peace Gary)

Today the 2th of July 2013 , I am updating this site.It has taken me 2 months to get past the hurt and action what my Husband Wayne did not only to my boys,animals ,our life.But as predicted in 2012 the Government of Canada has destroyed my husband and my place called home Canada , my boys .I was arrested on the 8th of December 2012 Saturday around 7.30 am in the morning.I just came back from my morning walk with my dogs.My apartment door flew open and 5 immigration officers came through the door, cracked my front tooth,threw me on the floor placed a gun to my head, pulled my head back by my hair, I was handcuff and let away like garbage .

Instead of me been brought to a Immigration Holding Center , I was told due to my husband's , asking for his Human Rights, and Charter of Rights as a Canadian to have a family,to an Officer Maus at immigration ,Officer Maus found that request insulting .Since Officer Maus told my husband Human Rights and Charter of rights do not exist in Canada, He was the law and anything writing does not apply to him.

So I was placed in Vanier Womans Center (better name for Jail for women) I was vaccinated by force , even when I requested not to be.I was told I had no rights. Also my surname was changed and I was held under a different name (a Spanish name) So my husband could not get to me. When I pointed this out, I was told by the Prison Guards , we call you what we like no one cares You ours now..

To cut a very long story short, I was asked to sign my Deportation Papers 3 times, and 3 times I refused ,at the 3rd time after my hearing, I thought I was going to be placed back to my cell, but instead I was placed in isolation a very cold cell it was in December, stripped naked , humiliated by 3 Prison Guards and kept there till I signed the papers. My spirit cracked, since I did not want to be left in a system under a faults name..December 22 to 23 2012 I was deported back to Germany...Leaving my husband and boys , animals all what was dear to me behind. I came to Germany with 2 tshits 1 jacket shoes which had holes in the bottom of my feet.

I communicated with my husband via Skype and email till May 2013...Till on the 8th of May 2013  My oldest son Skyped  me saying they are been evicted from the apartment.

My husband failed to pay the rent, and I guess was getting more and more depressed and could not handle the situation me been away , and the promise to get me back to Canada he could not keep.

My Husband was missing since the 10th of May 2013 that was the last time he contacted me.  I was not very nice to him, in fact the Mother Lion came out, because all I could think about is my boys who were left on the streets.. Here is a link me calling on Blogtalkradio   .   from Prison   As you will listen closely I will tell some of the story and you will hear my husband too, who still seems to be up beat, but he could not handle the situation and now is missing.My boys are still in Toronto all on they own and need help. I love you Boys,!! Update on my husband he contacted me on the 26th of July 2012, he said he had a massive heart-attack and was in hospital for the last 7 weeks. .... I have no clue as his wife , what to do but I just keep on spreading his (our)story
Luke 11-8 -10
I say to you, Though he will not rise and give him, because he is his friend, yet because of his importunity he will rise and give him as many as he needs. 9And I say to you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you. 10For every one that asks receives; and he that seeks finds; and to him that knocks it shall be opened.

Till this day I believe my husband suffers from

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Because he can be the nicest  guy as you can hear in the blogtalkradio  interview I made, but at an flick of a switch he can become a totally different person, anything could set it off a smell a wrong word.These victim's need help, but can't find it ... Do I still Love my husband , I will always Love the man I married, who treated me well,but the other-side of him I feel sorry for , I am sad he chose to walk out on my boys and I , and could not stick around.But I will always advocate for him and all the other victims no matter what.....

I am now here in Germany in a 2 meter by 2 meter room,listening to more verbal and emotional abuse going on......... From my so called Uncle towards his wife.Is just a nightmare ..... All I would like is be back in Canada with my boys that is where my heart is.

Please share your thoughts and contact me